I'm Cat. I grew up on the moorland and in the forest in Yorkshire, and ever since I could walk I've loved to explore off the paths, in the wild. I started orienteering, reading a map while I ran, when I was very young. When I found out you could orienteer at an international elite level, I decided this was the sport for me. 

Now I'm 29, train almost full time and compete at the highest level with the British team. My life involves a lot of physical, mental and technical work, travel and training camps, and the races that all that training is for. It's been a long way to get here, and not always straightforward, but even though I've had some success so far, I'm far from finished.

Taking your sport seriously means challenge, pressure and tough times, but also great rewards and experiences - and deep down I'm still the same small but determined girl who just wants to find my way through new forests, as quickly as I can.
Quick info
Born: 11th August 1989 
From: Whitby, North Yorkshire
Based: Sheffield
Clubs: UK - South Yorkshire Orienteers
Sweden - OK Södertörn
 Hobbies: Knitting, cooking, climbing



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On The Red Line


World Championships:

5th Middle distance (2015)
6th Long distance (2015)

4th Sprint relay (2016)
​European Championships:

3rd Long distance (2014)
5th Middle distance (2018)
World Cup stage races:

1st Midde distance (Arosa, SUI, 2015)
=4th Sprint distance (Cesis, LAT, 2017)